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Many of our readers have waited for Rabbi Yahushua to send us to the field. We thank everyone who has prayed for us, recognizing the work of Holy Spirit in our lives. Rabbi Yahushua has told us that the besora should be proclaimed in Finland and in other countries and we want to do just that.

We are not focused on work, we are focused on Him. Work of God is work that needs to be done, in order for Holy Spirit to build the church (1Cor 9:16-17), it's not work that should in any way lift up our status. We are not slaves of work, we are slaves of Yahushua, we are free to serve Him, in a way, that He wants to be served.

Currently YHWH's vision for us is about meetings in homes and small meetings, which have the Spirit of participation and sharing, as commanded by the Holy Scriptures.

We ask you, dear brothers and sisters, to contact us by email. You who say  'our group needs the burning fire of Holy Spirit and teaching about the House of Israel', contact us. We will find solutions for making stuff happen and the right hour to do so.

We cant wait to meet our brothers and sisters.

Mauno and Teija K.

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